Externally recruited leaders twice as likely to use a transition plan than internally promoted leaders.

During my research into what promotes and what inhibits a leader’s success during their transition period, one of the interesting findings is that externally recruited leaders are twice as likely to use a transition plan than internally recruited leaders. Whether a 90 or 100 day plan, the use of a plan was commonly noted as […]

3 things HR should do before a new leader starts (but often don’t)

Successful on-boarding of leaders involves several areas of a business – a prominent one is HR.  Their involvement in the recruitment and on-boarding (or in-boarding) of leaders is crucial and across our coaching and research we regularly see three things that HR do in organisations with a highly successful on-boarding program. Address performance issues prior Frequently an […]

Why leaders should ‘show their working’

“Show your working’ is an expression we use when working with leaders around improving their communication and developing their teams. The concept comes from the days doing high school maths where we were encouraged to ‘show our working’ during the exams so that even if the end answer was incorrect we would receive marks based […]

What is HR’s Role in a New Leader’s Success

New executives and leaders often struggle with the transition to a new role, especially ones that are hired externally.  In many organisations HR is responsible for recruitment, on-boarding and induction of new staff.  Whilst there can be a blurred line between HR and line management’s responsibility, it is interesting to look at the role HR […]

3 Rules to Make a Company Great

The April 2013 issue of Harvard Business Review features a story that argue there are only 3 rules to making a company truly great.  The article provide insights into how exceptional companies deliver superior long-term performance, even as they face similar obstacles to their competitors. The scope of the study is pioneering. They draw on “big data” – hard […]

10 Reasons Why Strategic Plans Fail

Looking at the failure of strategy is the broad basis of my DBA so I am always interested in articles or commentary on this area.  In my personal view there is a serious bias to writing about the positive and ignoring how and why we fail. Here is an article from Forbes listing the 10 […]