The 4 levels of leadership where leaders-in-transition fail most often.

At which levels of leadership within organisational structures, pose the greatest challenge to an executive’s successful transition? Across the research and literature, the number of leadership levels range from 3 to 7. However, in my recent PhD Research into leadership transitions (detailed further at the end), I could only justify the existence of 4 distinct levels that executives experience […]

How important is credibility for leaders-in-transition

Credibility is essential for leaders to be effective, but how important is it for leaders-in-transition? A lack of credibility can contribute to high rates of leadership transition failure and for the participants in my study, credibility was a frequently mentioned as a promoter of transition success. Based on either reputation or early actions, leaders-in-transition found […]

6 Key Challenges for Leaders-in-Transition

As I near the end of my doctorate, it is exciting to be able to start sharing the findings. Here are the 6 key areas of challenges leaders-in-transition faced across my research. These areas of challenge are experienced by both internally promoted leaders and externally recruited ones, during a leadership transition. Cognitive challenges The ability to […]

Signs your Leader-in-Transition is in distress

Leadership transitions represent a significant challenge and many leaders-in-transition (LIT) experience considerable distress. Many soon realise a distinct divergence between the realities of their situation and their expectations. They soon learn that in a new context many of their mastered competencies fail to produce the results achieved in previous roles. Often the leader-in-transition loses hope […]

75% of leaders are ‘playing with injury’.

A study of 1000 Fortune firms found that only 25% of the leaders were considered fully transitioned into their roles – performing at the expected level with the prevailing conditions and available resources*. The study was redone four years later and the number had decreased to 16%. The majority of leaders were seen as still acting like […]

What causes executives to derail?

The biggest predictor of executive derailment is a poor transition to a more senior role. Executive derailment is where promising leaders and executives fail to meet their expected levels of success. Easy to see when leaders resign early, are terminated, get passed over for promotions or plateau in their careers at a level lower that people expect. […]

Executive onboarding is an easy win

In a survey of 588 senior executives 60% reported that it took them six months—and close to 20% said it took more than nine months—to have a full impact in their new roles. Less than a third said they had received any meaningful support during their transitions—a big problem when you consider that more than […]