“The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win”​

Having a well-considered transition plan written before day one can have a significant impact on the success of your transition. Ideally you should sense check your plan with people inside and outside of your organization. The common blind spot I see in many transition plans is the absence of a section on learning. They are […]

Does your D&I program get killed at the front door?

If your executive onboarding program does not support diversity and inclusion, then this might be the point at which your D&I initiatives start to struggle. Executive onboarding in many organisations is poor at best. It is often the first occasion to disappoint the leader you have just convinced to take a risk and join your […]

Change versus Transition

A change is an event that occurs regardless of the person’s willingness, whereas a transition is a choice and a psychological process (Bridges 2003). All leaders are currently going through a significant change, but are your leaders consciously / proactively pushing forward with the transition or are they being dragged along kicking and screaming? Are […]

Better Support for Female Leaders in Transition

Female executives face more and varied challenges than their male counterparts across their career progress. Based on what we know about some of these challenges, how can organisations better support their leadership transitions? It is suggested that female leaders, compared to male leaders, are: less likely to talk about their achievements less likely to associate […]

Intent vs. Behaviour for Leaders in Transition

There is a commonly accepted statement; ‘we judge ourselves by our intent, others judge us by our behaviour‘. This is a reality for leaders at all levels across all organisations and transcends into our personal lives. Regardless of how pure our intent is in any given situation or action, if our behaviour does not match the […]

Want a better transition? Find your prison buddy.

In the majority of organisations, the bulk of the transition support responsibility falls on to the direct manager with a some of the hygiene aspects sitting with HR / P&C. In some organisations, in addition to the direct manager and HR’s intervention, the leader-in-transition also gets a mentor or buddy. This is someone who works […]

Blind spot for leaders changing organisations after a long tenure

One of the more challenging leadership transitions occurs when a leader moves from an organisation where they have worked for a long period of time into a new organisation. The obvious challenge is around the change in culture, especially from one that you know so well and are likely hardwired to exist within. Whilst this is often the case, it […]

What is a leadership transition & why is it so important?

What is and what triggers a leadership transition? I found that the literature on leadership transitions offered several inconsistent definitions, all of which were in my view, too limited. To move the subject forward and to help develop the emerging Leadership Transition Theory, I offered (constructed) the following working definition in my thesis. A leadership transition […]