Framework for Covid-19 Related Leadership Challenges

Covid-19 has plunged leaders at all levels and across all organisations, into a forced transition – from what was normal to the current interim stage and then to what will be the new normal. In the same way as undertaking a new role is a transition, moving from the old business world into the Covid-19 business world is a transition. Leaders will likely face another transition, as and when, we come out of this crisis.

The 6 key challenges that leaders face in any other transition also apply to this forced transition. Below is the framework for leadership transitions developed from my research, adapted for the Covid-19 forced transitions we are seeing now.

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For leaders, and for those who are supporting leaders, this framework gives you an excellent starting point for a discussion into the challenges currently being faced. It will prompt for the changes required in the short and long term. It could also act as a starting point in designing practical development programs that will help your leaders navigate this extraordinarily challenging time to hopefully emerge on the other side, less battered and bruised, and well positioned for the recovery.

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