2 thoughts on “Your Employees Don’t Care About Your Strategy?

  1. In general I agree with your four key reasons as outlined, however, the level of engagement of the employee plays a pivotal part in how much they care about the business’s strategy. A person who is highly engaged in their work will usually take a keen interest in the strategy of the organisation. They may argue against the strategy and even reject it but they will certainly care about it.

  2. Barry Hemmings says:

    Whenever I here from someone that “employees don’t care”, I do a simple translation to “this person doesn’t care about the employees”. This view of the organisational world will be easily observable in the organisational culture and in various performance metrics too.

    A great place to look at a growing body of knowledge that relates to your topic is the work of Senge who proposes the idea of the learning organisation. A central proposition of this work is that the organisation possesses enormous resources in the tacit knowledge of the staff who do the work. Also, that true business agility is founded on the ability of the organisation to access this knowledge on a regular basis to provide competitive advantage. A little bit of Senge’s view here:

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