10 Reasons Why Strategic Plans Fail

Looking at the failure of strategy is the broad basis of my DBA so I am always interested in articles or commentary on this area.  In my personal view there is a serious bias to writing about the positive and ignoring how and why we fail. Here is an article from Forbes listing the 10 […]

Are you implementing or executing your strategy?

Within your organisation do you implement or execute strategy?  The choice of language can have very different implications on how your staff view both the process and the desired outcomes. Implementation and execution are often used interchangeably in many organisations and in business articles & books.  However they have two very different connotations especially in terms […]

Interesting Research on Strategy

In support of my “why does business strategy fail” work here is some research that asks some very direct questions of senior executives about their strategy with disappointing results. In 2011 Booz & Co conducted a survey of 2,800 executives from companies of various sizes, geographies, and industries. According to this survey, most executives don’t […]

Strategy-to-Performance Gap

What is your strategy-to-performance gap? Written by Mankins & Steele this well cited article published in the Harvard Business Review challenged many senior executives to seriously examine what they were accepting in their business in terms of the year on year performance of their strategic endeavours. Companies typically realise only about 60% of their strategies’ […]