CEO’s Talk Strategy – 70% of Employees Don’t Understand!

New research conducted through the University of Technology has found that only a small proportion of employees can articulate their organisation’s strategy.

The researchers asked employees of 20 major Australian corporations with clearly articulated public strategies to identify their employer’s strategy from among six choices. Just 29% answered correctly.

The companies researched were all high performers, not companies that are struggling.  This has got to be a common issue across all companies, especially in those that lack the “clearly articulated public strategies”.

We see this in our consulting work and I saw it when working in the corporate.  This is the focus of my research – strategic understanding within employees across divisions in large organisations.  I hope to  be able to see if there is a relationship between the level of strategic understanding and financial performance across divisions within an organisation.

The upside with this research is that even with this poor result, the companies studied are still succeeding even though 70% of the staff within have no idea what the strategy, strategic direction or strategic priorities are.


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