10 Reasons Why Strategic Plans Fail

Looking at the failure of strategy is the broad basis of my DBA so I am always interested in articles or commentary on this area.  In my personal view there is a serious bias to writing about the positive and ignoring how and why we fail. Here is an article from Forbes listing the 10 […]

Strategic Triggers

Have you identified your strategic triggers before you start rolling out the strategy? A key aspect of the strategic planning process is that once you have decided and agreed your strategic plan – and while you still have the design team together – that you identify what the events, conditions or circumstances are that will […]

Strategy = How

We are all using the same words but we mean so many different things. This comes up frequently in my research, my general discussions about my research and in my consulting work.  Whilst I have already written that at the heart of this issue is not the particular jargon but the organisational understanding of the […]

Interesting Research on Strategy

In support of my “why does business strategy fail” work here is some research that asks some very direct questions of senior executives about their strategy with disappointing results. In 2011 Booz & Co conducted a survey of 2,800 executives from companies of various sizes, geographies, and industries. According to this survey, most executives don’t […]

Can you say what your strategy is?

One of the more provoking articles in my study is Collis & Rukstad (2008) “Can You Say What Your Strategy Is?” which was published in the HBR.  It is provoking because as a CEO it really challenges you to be able articulate your organisation’s strategy.  It also drives home the reality that in many organisations […]